AGTA Home Health Care Partners with DelSuites to Take Accessible Travel Farther

AGTA Home Health Care is proud to announce its partnership with DelSuites, offering convenient in-home healthcare, in the comfort & warmth of your home away from home. Our collaboration affords you the opportunity to recuperate in a private setting and access the support you or your loved one needs, to transition seamlessly from Hospital to home, wherever home may be to you.

DelSuites has a rich and deeply rooted history in Toronto, which has garnered them several awards. Embedded in Toronto since 1998, DelSuites has grown exponentially and is conveniently located near specialized care units, at major Hospitals across the city. DelSuites understand how medical stays impact every aspect of a family's life; working hard to make that challenge a little easier and offering affable frontline hosts, to welcome you to your short-term rental in Toronto and provide the respite you desire.

AGTA Home Health Care is a privately owned company that has been serving the community for over 2 decades, providing the highest-quality, 24-hour home health care and elderly support in Ontario. When you choose AGTA Home Health Care, you can expect exemplary service delivery and rest assured that you or your loved one will be cared for by compassionate, knowledgeable, supportive, and highly skilled caregivers.

Together with DelSuites, we understand how important it is to unite those who require assistance, with personal support, medical expertise, and the right assistive devices, which can make all the difference to your medical stay experience. Imagine arriving to your suite, knowing that everything to make a positive recovery is available to you upon arrival.

Invite our amiable and professional staff of Registered Nurses (RN), Registered Practical Nurses (RPN), and Personal Support Workers (PSW) into your space, to help make that transition from hospital to a furnished short-term rental in Toronto and back home again more streamlined. AGTA seamlessly coordinates care with your medical team so that you can recover in peace and family members can simply focus on being there for you.

A seamless way to plan an accessible stay

AGTA’s partnership with DelSuites is not limited to those recovering from medical procedures. If you or your loved one is differently abled and require a little or a lot of support, it would be a privilege to work with you to help customize your in-home amenities.

As one of Toronto's premier providers of fully furnished short-term rental housing, DelSuites is in the business of making people feel at home. You will enjoy units that are open, accessible, and built for everyday living. For your convenience, there are full kitchen and laundry facilities, indoor parking, and wide, spacious doors and bathtubs. Paired with AGTA Home Health Care services, you can save 7% on all the assistive devices you need to make a post-hospital stay simple. We bring a Team of experts to the discussion of home health care requirements, and gladly liaise with your healthcare professionals, to bring a new level of assistance to the process of body-mind-spirit healing.

We Understand Your Healthcare Challenges

Both AGTA Home Health Care and DelSuites understand the challenge of coordinating the smallest of details when transitioning to and from Hospital and that is why you can rely on us to consistently come to your aid. It is as imperative to us, as it is to you, for care and environment to come together to make your Toronto travel and medical stays easier.

All you have to do is pick up the key to your DelSuites furnished short term rental and with a pre-trip order to AGTA, all the assistive devices you need can be waiting for you.

To set up an accessible, supported Toronto stay, visit DelSuite’s convenient website and contact AGTA Home Health Care to help you settle into your home away from home!

To contact AGTA Home Health Care, please use the contact form below.